Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese & Salami

These pickled cherry peppers are filled with shredded salami and bound together with cream cheese. Spicy, salty, and creamy flavors burst with every bite. Add them to an antipasto platter, on a buffet, or serve as a game-day snack with crunchy bread sticks for a contrasting texture.

3 lb fresh cherry peppers (about 30 peppers) (1.35 kg)
4 cups white vinegar (950 mL)
4 cups water (950 mL)
6 Tbsp pickling salt (100 g)
½ cup sugar (100g)
4 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed

1 lb cream cheese, room temperature (450 g)
¼ lb hard salami (115 g)
1 tsp dried oregano (5 mL)
Reserved pickled garlic from brine

Wash the peppers and drain in a colander. Using a paring knife, cut a ring around the top of the peppers. This will allow the pickling solution to enter the peppers, and make it very easy to remove the cores before stuffing them. Pack the peppers into a gallon glass, ceramic, or plastic container.

Put all the other ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil, and simmer for 3 minutes. Pour the hot liquid over the peppers. The peppers need to be completely covered in liquid. If you need more liquid, add a mixture of half water and half vinegar with the same proportion of salt to the jar—that is 2 teaspoons (10 mL) salt per cup (240 mL) of liquid.

Cool to room temperature, and keep refrigerated for about 2 weeks. Drain the pickled peppers in a colander set over a bowl. Save the brine to repack the peppers after stuffing them.  Remove the cores from the peppers with a tomato shark and discard. Drain the peppers well on absorbent toweling.

Put the salami and pickled garlic in a food processor and run until finely chopped. It should not be a paste, pulse your machine if necessary to make small pieces. Put the cream cheese, oregano and the chopped salami into the bowl of an electric mixer. Run the machine at medium speed until well combined.

Use a rubber spatula to transfer the mixture to a pastry bag. It doesn’t need to have a tip for this operation. Insert the bag into the opening of each pepper and fill just to the edge of the opening.

Pack the stuffed peppers loosely into a refrigerator dish. Ladle the reserved brine over the stuffed peppers completely covered. Cover tightly and refrigerate until needed.

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