Vodka Infused with Ginger, Lime & Cayenne

Recently, a friend gave me a piece of ginger he had grown at Elmore Roots Nursery. The basket, from which he retrieved it, held several pounds of gnarled rhizomes—so fresh that moist soil clung to the knobs and fissures. To capture its essence I decided to preserve the ginger in a neutral alcohol, and add traditional Thai accents of lime peel and cayenne: just enough to give it a bit of snap. Try this infusion in a martini—shaken not stirred—garnished with a curl of lime peel for color. A bottle like this makes a terrific gift so plan ahead as you want to allow the flavoring agents to meld with the vodka over a week’s time. Be forewarned, this libation is not for the faint of heart. If you like your spirits with a bit of a kick, prepare to be kicked. Continue reading