Jalapeño Jelly

This is one of the most versatile condiments you can make to add a combination of flavors that include spicy, sweet & sour, and savory. This spreadable jelly has bits of pepper suspended in it and is equally good with a variety of cheeses from cream cheese to aged Cheddar, as it is on hamburgers, grilled chicken, slathered on smoky ribs or pork chops, or paired with crab cakes. Continue reading

Lemon Jelly Belly Cookies

Sometimes I take requests. This one came from a friend who bakes incredible boxes of assorted cookies for charity fundraisers and holiday gifts. She asked for a lemon cookie recipe and I immediately thought of Meyer lemons, which are sweeter and less acidic than your typical lemons. This recipe has a double-dose of Meyer lemons—in the dough and the jelly. Making the jelly as an additional step is a bit time-consuming, but it is worth it since you will end up with 3 half-pints of jelly and you only need ½ cup for the cookies. Of course, if you’re making cookies by the hundreds, you may need it all. They are named Jelly Belly cookies because the jelly sits in the belly of the cookie.  Continue reading

Flourless Walnut Torte with Apple Butter, Maple Sauce

Gluten-free cake! Usually, a cake pan is usually prepared by buttering and flouring. The flour provides a surface for the cake batter to grasp as it climbs the sides, and the butter underneath allows for easy removal from the cake ring. A pan that is completely unprepared also provides traction for the batter. You just have to run a thin-bladed knife around the pan before releasing the ring, and since no flour was involved, you can serve this dessert to those intolerant of gluten. Another amazing thing about this recipe is the number of ingredients—there’s hardly any. Continue reading